The San Francisco Giants Need To Sign Bryce Harper and Manny Machado

As a lifelong Giants fan, I have been with the team through their ups and downs. I was born right before the Battle of the Bay in 1989. I was kind of watching at an awkward middle school house party in 2002 when they lost to the Angels. I was at Game 1 of the World Series scared out of my mind after seeing Vladimir Guerrero peppering balls off of the right field bleachers in BP, only to see Juan Uribe drive one deep into the night to secure the win. Then they won again in 2012. And again in 2014. And then…nothing.

Baseball is changing. It is an offensive game now. Launch angle is a thing. More teams are hitting more and more home runs. We are not. Since our last World Series victory, our team leaders in home runs have been:
– Evan Longoria – 16 HR – 2018
– Brandon Belt – 18 HR – 2017
– Brandon Belt – 17 HR – 2016
– Brandon Crawford – 21 HR – 2015

To put things in perspective, Evan Longoria had as many home runs in 2018 as I had touchdowns my senior year of high school. What does that have to do with this? Nothing. However, I will always brag about how many touchdowns I scored that year.

When I watch a baseball game, I enjoy watching players hit home runs. Specifically, I like my team hitting home runs. We have not had a great offense in a while. This is our chance to buy an offense.

Many Giants fans will argue against signing Harper, or Machado, or both. Most will say that they are too expensive. My questions is…who cares? It isn’t my money, it isn’t your money. If the Giants sign Harper and Machado, that would make for an exciting offense on paper (and on TV).

At our current rate, we do not project to be a competitive team in the near future. Our stars are getting older, and our farm system is weak. We have many bad contracts. Let’s duct tape this thing together, spend a few hundred million dollars, and see what happens.

– Buzz