Mariners Fans: Don’t Let The Nostalgia Distract You – Your Front Office Doesn’t Have To Field A Competitive Team This Season

There is a perfect storm of events coming to Seattle this baseball season. These events will distract Mariners fans from noticing the lack of success they will have in 2019, and how poorly their front office is running their squad:
Edgar is now a “Hall of Famer”
Ichiro has been re-signed and will play with the team in Japan
– At some point Felix will finally fall apart, and his retirement tour will start

Offseason Moves

Before we get into the season, let’s take a look at the notable offseason moves so far. To me, the following list resembles what I would do if I were starting a Franchise in MLB The Show. I start right off by making a number of ridiculous and unrealistic trades. However, the Mariners have actually made the following baseball moves this offseason:
– Traded Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz to the Mets for Jay Bruce and a pile of prospects
– Traded Mike Zunino to the Rays for Mallex Smith
– Traded James Paxton to the Yankees for a pile of prospects
– Traded Jean Segura to the Phillies for Carlos Santana and JP Crawford
– Traded Carlos Santana to the Indians for Edwin Encarnacion
– Traded Ben Gamel to the Brewers for Domingo Santana
– Signed FA Tim Beckham
– Signed FA Cory Gearrin
– Signed FA Ichiro Suzuki
– Signed FA Yusei Kikuchi

The most impactful move of the offseason is not getting nearly enough press. Scott Brosius, is no longer with the organization. You know, three time World Series champion – Scott Brosius. The 1998 World Series MVP – Scott Brosius. 1999 Gold Glove Winner – Scott Brosius. Five time Northwest Conference Coach of the Year – Scott Brosius. The man who coached Linfield College to three World Series appearances and a 2013 National Championship. Yes, the Mariners no longer have that track record of success on their staff.

The Nostalgia Tour

The Seattle Mariners have three players around that will lead to events that will distract from how bad the team is. From my calculations, this will buy them about three months worth of distractions. First, you have the Mariners opening the season against the A’s in Tokyo on March 20th and 21st. Ichiro will play. They can milk that for the first month of the season. They will get off to a slow start, but hey Ichiro is playing on the squad again and he got to play in front of a crowd back home. Next, you’ll have the Edgar Martinez made the Hall of Fame events. Mariners fans finally saw their DH get into the Hall of Fame. While I argued against that here, when you compare his numbers to other members of the Hall, Edgar probably deserves his place. There will be a bobblehead day, they will release a limited edition jersey with a Hall of Fame patch. After that, as the season is winding down, Felix will run out of gas and they will announce this is his last year with the team. They will be able to run with that for the last month of the season.


Now if I know Mariners fans, and I do, they love talking about the mini-success they have had in their history. They love talking about “The Double”. They love talking about the season they won a ton of games and then lost in the ALCS. The organization is completely exploiting the passion and loyalty of their fans. Luckily for me, I don’t have cable, and MLB TV blacks out Mariners games for me – I won’t have to watch the mess up in Seattle this year. However, I’m sure I’ll have to hear about it over and over again.

– Buzz