Bryce Harper To Sign With The Phillies Today…Maybe?

I have no inside information on this. I am just piecing together rumblings that I have gathered from other places on the internet. If this is true, I am offended by the decision Bryce is making. He is ignoring the advice I laid out for all free agents here. The Giants would also be ignoring the game plan I laid out for them here as well.

The Evidence

MLB The Show posted this yesterday:

Bryce Harper is the cover athlete for this year. They can’t make a cover for the game without him picking a team. Rumors are that he agreed to announce his destination through the video game. Would be pretty cool if the last scene in the trailer for this game was him in his new uniform.

There is also a tweet from this feed:

I have no idea if this is a good source, just seemed like interesting information.

Finally we have this:

It always seems like someone has to follow through with these bets against themselves and the internet. I would be bummed if Harper went to the Phillies, but at least I would leave with the small victory of watching someone eat shit.

– Buzz