Super Bowl LIII Predictions

We are about an hour from kickoff. Our experts have poured over the numbers and are finally ready to make their game day predictions.


Patriots 32 – Rams 19
While I will be wearing my Tavon Austin Rams jersey and would like to see a dynasty end, I have to go with Tom Brady in this one. The Patriots have been here before, their coaching is superior, and Ndamukong Suh has zero big game experience.

This feels like a game where Brady eclipses 300 yards and a random Pats defender ends up with multiple takeaways. Hot take alert – Tom Brady gets a rushing TD today.

Stormin’ Mormon

Unavailable. Church on Sundays.

*Update 28 minutes before kickoff. Patriots 31 – Rams 30. FG to win.

Tommy Nuggets

Rams 31 – Patriots 17
Todd Gurley rushes for 100 yards and has 30 yards receiving with 2 Total TD’s and takes home Super Bowl MVP after essentially coming in fresh after having 3 weeks off. Too much has been made about the Patriots this week and the overall talents of the Rams roster finally reaches its potential defensively.