Super Bowl LIII Takeaways and Calculated Predictions For Next Season

(Fart noise)


What a boring football game. There was nothing fun about that. It was an incredibly fast game for there being a commercial every couple of minutes.

Sony Michel was the star for me – looking like he will become a stud in the New England backfield. He is the early favorite for the player that is drafted way too high in fantasy leagues next season. Edelman was solid all night too, earning a well deserved MVP. Also he was suspended for PED’s this year but nobody needs to mention that.

The Rams did not look like they were ready for the game at all. It was like they finally realized they were playing in the Super Bowl on their last few drives. As I mentioned before, Ndamukong Suh is not prepared for big games like this, and it showed. Sony Michel and the Patriots ran all over him and the Los Angeles Defense.

Stormin’ Mormon

Unavailable. Had church yesterday.

Tommy Nuggets

McVay got out-coached monumentally and Goff showed his age. Both McVay and Goff got Billy B’d.

Predictions For Next Year

BuzzTommy Nuggets
NFC EastCowboysCowboys
NFC NorthPackersPackers
NFC SouthFalconsSaints
NFC WestSeahawksRams
NFC WC #1RamsVikings
NFC WC #2Bears49ers
AFC EastPatriotsPatriots
AFC NorthBrownsBrowns
AFC SouthColtsColts
AFC WestChiefsChiefs
AFC WC #1SteelersChargers
AFC WC #2DolphinsTexans
Rookie of the YearMurrayWGAF
NFC ChampSeahawksSaints
AFC ChampPatriotsChiefs
Super Bowl ChampPatriotsChiefs

More 2019 Predictions – Buzz

  • Wentz and the Eagles finish under .500.
  • The Raiders trade two of their first round picks this year to move up in the draft and take a QB. Then they trade Derek Carr for a 1st round pick next year.
  • Nick Foles and Le’Veon Bell and the new look Dolphins led by Brian Flores go to the post-season.
  • The Giants take Kyler Murray early in the first round, creating a very cool Madden trio of Murray-Barkley-Beckham, but not a very good football team for the last place Giants.
  • The Seahawks trade a package around Rashad Penny or Chris Carson for Antonio Brown.

More 2019 Predictions – Tommy Nuggets

  • The Chiefs steamroll the Patriots in Foxborough behind a revamped defense in the season opener.
  • Le’Veon goes to Miami.
  • Antonio Brown to the 49ers.
  • Foles to Jaguars.
  • The Raiders draft and acquire players to become a Juggernaut by 2020.