Bryce Harper Is Still A Free Agent And Somehow The Giants Are Still Not Pursuing Him

Farhan Zaidi, this is a no brainer. Get me Bryce Harper.

The Giants have only had two outfielders make the All-Star team since Barry Bonds did in 2007. Those players were Hunter Pence in 2014, and a PED-aided Melky Cabrera in 2012. The only other Giants outfielders not named Barry Bonds to make an All-Star team since my birth are Kevin Mitchell in 1989, and Moises Alou in 2005. Outside of the greatest hitter of all time, outfield has been a consistent weakness for the Giants.

As it stands – Bryce Harper is still a free agent. As it stands – our projected starting outfield (Chris Shaw 25, Steven Duggar 25, Austin Slater 26) has a combined career HR total of … 7. They are an average age of 25-26 years old.

Bryce Harper, also 26, has 184 career home runs.

As a franchise, we have a chance at a generational talent. We don’t even have to trade anything for it. HE IS A FREE AGENT.

All we have to do is pay the man.

– Buzz