Bryce Harper (Needs) To Sign With The Giants

Do I have any idea where Bryce Harper will sign? No, not at all. Would I like him to be roaming the outfield of Oracle Park for the next decade? Of course. Here are some reasons why I believe Bryce Harper needs to sign with the San Francisco Giants:

1. The Stadium

The Giants play in one of the game’s most iconic stadiums. Some may argue that Wrigley and Fenway are more historic – sure. If I’m a ballplayer – I don’t want historic. Historic is old, and old means gross. I am sure a historic stadium is fun for a few games a year, but not 81 games plus the post-season.

As a current baseball player myself (semi-pro independent city-league) I know how ballplayers value playing in cool parks. I played at a D3 school that had a train right beyond the left field wall. I hit it once in BP. I felt invincible after that. I am sure the feeling is similar to hitting it into McCovey Cove at Oracle Park. The Giants have been missing that left-handed power into the Cove, Harper can bring it back.

Dodger Stadium – Gets a lot of hype but there is nothing special about it. It is generally a pretty basic-bitch of a ballpark. It’s symmetrical. And it is old.

Citizens Bank Park – It is in Philadelphia – no thanks.

2. Low Expectations

The Giants haven’t had a consistent outfielder in years. We won three World Series in a span of 5 years with the following outfielders: Cody Ross, Pat Burrell, Andres Torres, Gregor Blanco, Angel Pagan, Hunter Pence, Travis Ishikawa, and Juan Perez.

Sure some people will argue that Hunter Pence was good – he was decent. He was a goofy guy that is really likable. Pence never put up numbers for us at a superstar level.

If Harper comes to the Giants and hits .250 with 25+ home runs it will be the most exciting offensive season we have seen in a decade.

3. The Giants Win When It Matters

Congrats to the Dodgers for making it to the World Series in back to back seasons. They have had some remarkable success lately.

However, they have not won when it counts. The last World Series the Dodgers won was before Bryce Harper was born. The Giants have numerous players on their roster and coaches on their staff with multiple rings. Harper is coming from the Nationals, who have had zero post-season success. If he wants to win, the boys in San Francisco know how to do it.

4. The Giants Are Historically A Great Team To Be On For Elite Home Run Hitters

Two of the very best outfielders of all time played for the Giants for the majority of their career. Barry Bonds and Willie Mays were incredible for the Giants and put up elite numbers throughout their career. Together they make up 40% of the top five all time MLB home run leaders.

If we really want to get cute, Sadaharu Oh and Kazuhiro Kiyohara were two of the top five all time home run hitters in Japan. Guess what team they played for? That’s right, the Giants.


I have no idea where Harper will end up. Hopefully this got some people over to my page. While you’re here you should check out the story about the time I got diarrhea at Disneyland, or the time Blue Apron burned my balls.

– Buzz