Athletic Apparel Companies Sponsor Criminals – Will They Sponsor Me, A Teacher?

Do athletic apparel brands care about regular people?  Is there something wrong with me where I don’t deserve free stuff?  I work a very admirable job as an elementary school teacher.  I am idolized by many of my students.  I am a good role model.  I’ve lived a thoughtful and caring life.  Yet, somehow, I’m still paying for my clothes.

Kobe Bryant – raped someone, Ray Lewis – murdered one or more people, Michael Vick – dog fighting, Adrian Peterson – kid beater, Kareem Hunt – domestic abuse. What do all of these people have in common? That’s right, they all were sponsored by an athletic apparel company.

On the other hand, I continue to seek a sponsorship. No companies are begging me to wear their shoes or clothes. One has to ask, would it be smarter to sponsor me, a teacher?

When I walk into the school, I’m a celebrity. I have hundreds of kids shouting my name. I participate in countless high fives. My name is plastered on the freaking door. I am a teacher, I am entertainment, I am comedy, I am nurturing. Yet, I’m still not enough for these companies.

My measurables are not that far off from some of these athletes. I have the height of an elite cornerback and the weight of an edge rusher. I can bench press with the best kickers and sprint with your average quarterback. Even considering all of that – companies still don’t want me.

Here is a chance for athletic apparel companies to show that they care about teachers, and that they want to support those that do so much for future generations.  I am a free agent.  I am a professional award-winning teacher.  Which one of you is brave enough to bring me on board as a sponsored-free-clothes-getting brand ambassador?

– Buzz