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Jonesing For A Thronesing: Predicting Tonight’s Game Of Thrones Episode (4/21)

We only have a few episodes left, and a lot of loose ends to tie up. I have conferred with our Game of Thrones experts; here are their picks heading into tonight’s episode.

Stormin’ Mormon

Episode 2

  • Jon does not tell Daenarys about their actual relationship.
  • They kick Jamie out of Winterfell and don’t let him help.
  • Jamie turns into the new Hodor as he pays his debt to Bran.
  • One or some of the Dudes who were at Last Hearth get caught by the Night King and are held hostage – but not turned.
  • Cersei is not pregnant.
  • We hear the Night King Talk.

Tommy Nuggets

Episode 2

  • Jon reveals who he is to Daenarys.
  • No key deaths this week.
  • Brienne gets “Knighted”.
  • Ghost makes an appearance.
  • Theon arrives in Winterfell.
  • Jamie is accepted in Winterfell after Brienne vouches for him.
  • The episode is a major lead-up to Episode 3.


  • Arya wins the Throne at the end and she takes her face off to reveal…she was Jagen H’ghar the whole time!!!


Episode 2

  • Jamie is about to get kicked out of Winterfell – Bran is able to convince everyone to let him stay.
  • Jon does not tell Daenarys about his true identity.


  • Daenarys dies – everyone is ready to abandon Jon and head back to where they came from. Jon does some big display showing that he now can control the dragons and everyone stands by his side.
  • The only thing the Night King wants is the baby that Sam and Gilly smuggled beyond the wall. That is his purpose for all of this.
  • Only Targaryens can ride dragons – The Night King is the Mad King.



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