Bottom Fishing With Buzz – Monday (5/13) Market Watch

*Disclaimer – I know nothing about the stock market. My stock portfolio has been comprised of one Disney stock for the last decade.

Uber went public on Friday – and it is tanking today. Uber started around $45 per share and today it is hovering around $37 per share. Is this a potential bottom feeder for me? We’ll see.

I once again changed my approach this week. I made no significant changes to my portfolio – in fact, I didn’t make any changes.

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Here is my current portfolio:

Stock Portfolio

StockSymbolLast ValueValue NowSharesEquity

Stocks That I Sold

  • N/A

Zomedica – Sold all 10 of my shares for a total of $3.40 – a loss of $0.10

Stocks That I Stayed With

  • ImmunoGen
  • Histogenics

Stocks That I Purchased

  • N/A



The current value of my portfolio was at $20.01. Right now, Robinhood shows me at $19.68. I am down $0.33. Things are looking better for me at this point. Sure, I lost a little bit of money this week – but I am looking better than last week.

Where will we be at next week?

– Buzz