The Worst Destinations For A Major League Baseball Draft Pick

The 2019 MLB First Year Player Draft is coming up on June 3rd. Getting drafted by any major league baseball team is a major accomplishment.

Some organizations would be much more exciting to go to than others. Below I have ranked the teams that I would be least excited to be drafted by:

1). Chicago White Sox

The other team in Chicago. You know, the one without the history or national prestige. They did win a World Series in 2005, but everyone has kind of forgotten that took place.

I feel like I would be pretty stoked to be drafted by the Chicago Cubs. I would go around and announce to the world, “I WAS DRAFTED BY THE CHICAGO CUBS!” On the other hand, if I were to be drafted by the White Sox, I would say, “I got drafted by Chicago,” and then fake a phone call and leave before explaining that it was to the other team in Chicago.

2.) Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates are an organization that seems like it will never truly get back to being competitive. The Pirates have won the World Series five times, with their last coming in 1979. The Pirates have not won their division since 1992, when they were led by MVP Barry Bonds. Their last post-season appearance was in 2015 as a Wild Card team – they lost to the Cubs.

The Pirates have a nice stadium – but it honestly seems empty any time I see them on TV.

The uniforms are not great, and for such an old franchise they should have more of a classic look. The forced pirate font on the numbers is reminiscent of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a lesser extent.

3.) Toronto Blue Jays

Growing up, I really doubt that any boy (that is not Canadian) dreams of playing for the Toronto Blue Jays. I am sure that Toronto is a cool city to live in. Toronto just doesn’t scream “baseball town” to me.

They play in a dome – which is outdated. The Rays get an extreme amount of grief for playing at Tropicana, but is the Rogers Center really that much better? I am honestly asking, I have never been there.

4.) Detroit Tigers

There is a reason the Detroit Tigers were the worst team in baseball two years ago. At this moment, if someone said they had an all-expenses-paid weekend getaway to Detroit – I would probably say no thanks. Detroit is a pit of a city, I know it is on the way back up – but still – I have no desire to go there.

From a baseball standpoint – the Tigers were looking pretty good not too long ago. Even with the Giants destroying them in the 2014 World Series – they had a solid core of talent and their drop off is pretty inexcusable.

Comerica Park is a nice stadium, opening on April 11, 2000. The stadium is outdoors. The first and last month of the season can be pretty cruel weather-wise, but other than that it seems like an OK place to play.

The uniforms are pretty classic. There is nothing special about them – so it is hard to hate them.

The biggest knock on getting drafted by Detroit – you eventually would have to live in Detroit.

5.) Oakland A’s

Congratulations, you have been selected by the Oakland A’s. One day you will make it to the show – where you will get the opportunity to play at the Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum. Built in 1966, it is the only stadium left that is intended for football and baseball.

The nice thing about getting drafted by the A’s is knowing that you will likely be traded and end up somewhere else at some point in your career – at least you won’t be attached to the franchise and city for long.

Even better, maybe Oakland will finally lose the franchise. You could end up in an awesome city like Portland. Maybe this wouldn’t be the worst place to end up after all.

Honorable Mention

Baltimore Orioles – Currently a terrible organization. Saved by a cool stadium and decent uniforms.

Tampa Bay Rays – Always a competitive team, and you get to live in a city with beautiful weather. The stadium is a big knock on this franchise.

Texas Rangers – Outdoor baseball in Texas? Gross. However, this is a team that is not afraid to spend money. They are also getting a new covered stadium next year.

Kansas City Royals – The team is not good – currently. However, the city supports their baseball team – according to my visit after they had recently won the World Series in 2016. The Royals have a sweet stadium. Growing up playing RBI baseball on my Sega Genesis I dreamed of one day hitting a homerun into the fountains, just like I did back then with Danny Tartabull. (It may not have been him, but that sounds correct.)

Miami Marlins – They are currently the worst team in baseball. However, you would get to live in Miami and the stadium is pretty new.

Cincinnati Reds – Cincinnati ranks up there with Detroit on the list of “Cities That I Don’t Really Ever Need To Go To” list. However, they have a great history and awesome uniforms.

*Currently, I am a MLB Free Agent and would love to play for any of the teams listed above.

– Buzz