Is Snapchat Encouraging Me To Play With Knives And Only Date Asian People?

“If you’re Asian like I am, and you want to date another Asian like I do, Y’all should check out this app…”

The cute Asian girl shouts this at me in the middle of anything I do on Snapchat recently. Is she cute or is this just a filter? I am unsure. My thumb hovers over the Get button on the screen – and I hesitate. I read the subtext:

Find Asians Interested in Asians

I am not Asian – I already know that. I feel discriminated against. I am not from the East. I’m not even from the East Coast. I have never been eligible for this dating app, yet I am still targeted continuously.

So Satisfying or So Dangerous?

When I run through all of the Snapchat stories that my friends post – I arrive upon the main Snapchat stories landing page. One of the first that I see is the So Satisfying channel.

For those that do not know, the So Satisfying channel is dedicated to people cutting shit with box-cutters. The idea is to make sounds that probably make people orgasm. I ensure that I have this on mute when I am working – just incase.

So Satisfying is nothing more than a propaganda machine for big-boxcutter. Don’t count out soap companies either – they have likely partnered with big-boxcutter to fetishize slicing through soaps and bath bombs. The main goal is to make a satisfying noise. Some noises are relaxing. Others….

continue to discriminate against me in my own home.

Now I am just about 30 years old and to this very day my mom still won’t allow me to purchase – let alone touch – a pair of boxcutters. I am sure this is primarily for my safety, but I know deep down there is a hint of patriotism to my mom being anti-boxcutters.

My family remembers 9/11. We will never forget. Has Snapchat already forgotten?

– Buzz