2019 D3 World Series – Day 2 Recap And Day 3 Predictions

The Division III College World Series continued to live up to the hype on Day 2 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Want to know something else that lived up to the hype? Shortstop Kelson Brown – an All-American for the 2010 Linfield Wildcats.

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I was only able to catch some of the action today. For those that were wondering – my semi-pro team the Columbia Rivercats started our season off with a victory.

Anyways, as I am typing this up, Birmingham Southern and the Rich Boys from Johns Hopkins are tied 3-3 in the 9th. Hopkins was winning most of the game, they must have lost focus as they were daydreaming about a summer in the Czech Republic.

Oh my god, what a catch down the line to save the game for Birmingham Southern.

Oh my god, a guy got picked off at second for Birmingham Southern.

Looks like that game is going to extras.

Earlier today we had Washington & Jefferson send the Webster Gorloks home with a 3-2 victory. I had Webster winning it all, so I pretty much have no idea what I am talking about in 2019. For Game 7 of the tournament the Beacons kept rolling – beating Chapman 10-6, and maintaining the status that Cedar Rapids is Beaconville.

Babson beat Heidelberg in an elimination game, scoring 5 runs in the bottom of the 9th for the win.

After extra innings, Birmingham Southern has finally taken down Johns Hopkins. Thank God.

Here is what the bracket looks like heading into Day 3:

UMass Boston and Birmingham Southern are in a great position heading into tomorrow. They can sit back and watch as a few teams battle it out in elimination games. We start the day off with a rematch between Chapman and Washington & Jefferson. Chapman won the first match up, but this is a World Series elimination game, anything can happen. The next game will have Babson (a team that won on a walkoff), play Johns Hopkins (a team that lost on a walkoff).

The winner of the Chapman and Washington & Jefferson game will play UMass Boston in the afternoon. If UMass Boston wins, then they advance to the Championship Series from Pool A. If UMass Boston loses, there will be a rematch the following day.

The winner of the Babson and Johns Hopkins game will play Birmingham Southern in the evening. If Birmingham Southern wins, then they advance to the Championship Series from Pool A. If Birmingham Southern loses, there will be a rematch the following day.


It is time once again to make our predictions for tomorrow. Once again I have gathered the best of the best to help me analyze this next round of games. We even have a former National Champion this time.

Game 9

BuzzChapman – the Panthers won the first matchup between these two teams, I don’t expect there to be anything different tomorrow.
ChambyChapman – Chapman wins game 1 because of Jarod Penniman. Kid I recruited in a past life out of Nevada. Good kid who doesn’t want his career to be over. He also is going to hit his first homer of the year in the nightcap.

Game 10

BuzzJohns Hopkins – I think that the bats will come alive for the Blue Jays, and the pitching for the Beavers is not strong enough to last another day.
ChambyJohns Hopkins – Beavers is a stupid nickname and teams named Beavers haven’t done well this year…

Game 11

BuzzUMass Boston – Cedar Rapids, Iowa will continue to be Beaconville. The Beacons move on to the Championship Series.
ChambyChapman – Penniman is a dude.

Game 12

BuzzBirmingham Southern – there is a huge advantage to having your pitching on game 3 of the tournament – and playing a team that is on game 4 of the tournament. Whoever they play will be on their #4 starter at best.
ChambyJohns Hopkins – Hopkins is going to throw some arm who has a 4.6 gpa and is an engineering major. He is going to sit 84 and just paint corners all day with a little sink.

My Terrible Bracket

Tomorrow is our last four-game day of the 2019 D3 season. It has been a tremendous year. Speaking of tremendous years, the 2010 Linfield Wildcats had a record of 37-13.

– Buzz