2019 D3 World Series – Day 4 Recap And Day 5 Predictions

After four grueling days of Division III tournament baseball – we have finally made it to the Championship Series. We are down to two teams – Chapman and Birmingham Southern.

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We only had one game today, it was a rematch and an elimination game. The winner grabbed the last spot in the Championship Series. UMass Boston and Chapman had already played twice this weekend, and the winner of this third game earned a few more days of that sweet World Series per diem.

For their third game in a row – Chapman won 8-4. UMass Boston jumped out to an early lead thanks to a homerun. Throughout the next few innings Chapman was able to put some crooked numbers on the board, grabbing an 8-2 lead by the end of the 5th inning.

The Beacons chipped away at that score, but were unable to find their way back to shore, and were in the World Series no more.

Here is what the bracket looks like heading into Day 5:

Championship Series Predictions

It is time once again to make our predictions for tomorrow. None of us have any idea what we are talking about – so here it is:

Game 14

BuzzChapman – The Panthers will come out of the gates hot. They should have their All-American Peck on the mound for the first game tomorrow.
ChambyChapman – Roll Panthers.

Game 15

BuzzBirmingham Southern – There is no way Chapman will have any pitching left by this game. This will be their 7th game since Friday. Birmingham Southern will only be on their 5th game in as many days.
BixBirmingham Southern
ChambyChapman – Panthers train. They will outscore the other Panthers.

I am hoping for a split day tomorrow. We need to keep this D3 Season going as long as we can!

– Buzz

A toast to the Panthers. All the Panthers. Both sides.

– Ryan Howard