2019 D1 Baseball Super Regional Predictions

For those that were along for the ride for our D3 tournament predictions – we are back baby. We made our predictions a few days ago, and I tweeted it. Then I forgot to write a blog. Oh well.

It is time to predict which programs will continue to rake in that sweet per diem on their way to Omaha and the College World Series.

Who better to predict the D1 super-regionals than three former D3 ballplayers? That’s right, nobody.

Looking back at our previous predictions, our records are as follows:


Super Regionals Predictions

As far as I know, none of us have any rhyme or reason for our picks. We just made them. None of us have any idea what we are talking about – so here they are:

Which one of us will prove to be the expert? Probably none of us – Chamby has the better track record but he also just had a hard-on for Chapman.

– Buzz