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If You Don’t Want Me to Watch The Ball, You Can Go Get It Out Of The Ocean

Is there anything cooler in baseball than hitting a ball into McCovey Cove at Oracle Park? I am honestly asking – I can’t think of a better place for a left-handed hitter to turn on a ball.

Yesterday Madison Bumgarner gave up a career defining homerun to Max Muncy – which ultimately was the difference in the game, as the Dodgers beat the Giants 1-0.

All of the talk after the game was about the interaction between Bumgarner and Muncy. Bumgarner was unhappy with Muncy watching the ball after hit sent it into orbit – and Muncy had the greatest reply of all time:

This is what makes it so hard to be a Giants fan right now. Every other team is out there hitting bombs and having a good time – we are the old guys that want you to respect the game and run the bases.

– Buzz



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