Seahawks Preseason Week Two Takeaways

The Seahawks were defeated by the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night, 25-19. There were some good things, but this was really a disappointing effort by the second and third string players. The good vibes of last week’s win did not carry over to this week, and the Seahawks paid the price.


Russell Wilson: Russell played two series in his first action this preseason and lead good drives down field that were both spoiled by penalties and throws that were just a hair off. Russell connected downfield to Tyler Lockett on a nice crossing route and hit Jaron Brown twice downfield for big gains. Russell did however just miss Brown on a key third down that grazed Brown’s fingertips on what might have been a miss timed jump. Russell also had Chris Carson wide open on another 3rd down deep in Viking territory but had to rush the throw and missed Carson with a low throw. Most importantly Russell did not get hit once.

Paxton Lynch: The star of last week was unable to string together a second straight good performance. Paxton was errant with a lot of throws and had trouble getting the second team moving. He did look good running the ball when he took off with it, but he needs to do more than that to make this team. Paxton left the game after a dirty helmet to helmet hit by Vikings CB Holton Hill which lead to his ejection. Paxton is in concussion protocol according to Pete Carroll.

I’m not going to write about JT Barrett because he has been with the team for 5 days and understandably didn’t know what he was doing, and it showed.

Running Backs:

Chris Carson: Carson looked very good and ran the ball hard, and most importantly patiently. Chris waited for plays to develop and exploded through the line. Nothing much to say here. Chris is going to have a MONSTER year so long as he stays healthy.

Rashad Penny: Rashad ran the ball six times for negative two yards. Not his fault. Every time Penny got the ball, he had a Viking player in the backfield. He simply could not get going to no fault of his own and Carroll echoed that after the game. Penny was clearly frustrated, but his time will come I assure you.

Travis Homer: First look at the Seahawks rookie running back from Miami. Travis clearly has a boost and looked very explosive in his opportunities. Again, its hard to judge with a patch offensive line but you can clearly see the speed and boost he possess. Travis is going to make this team and will likely be the final nail in the coffin for CJ Prosise’s Seahawks career.

Wide Receivers:

DK Metcalf: DK raised eyebrows when he did not play. Pete Carroll after the game said he needs a minor knee surgery to correct the problem. He didn’t sound too concerned with it and was optimistic he would be ready for week one. This will be the hot topic over the next few weeks to be certain.

Tyler Lockett: Tyler caught one nice deep cross from Russell and just missed another when Harrison Smith made an elite play on the ball later in the drive. Tyler is the guy now with Doug Baldwin’s retirement and he is ready to take it to the next level with his play.

Jarron Brown: Brown looked fantastic which is good news considering he should expect more targets this season. He just missed on a big third down on a throw that was just a tad high but overall, he was able to get free several times during his two series.

John Ursua: Ursua is going to make this team, which is a surprise for any seventh-round pick. He just knows how to get open and I think come midseason he is going to be a factor for Seattle.

Gary Jennings: The opposite can be said here. The Seahawks fourth round pick was a no show for the second straight game. He needs to show something next week or he is going to be cut, which is a shame for any 4th round pick.

Jazz Ferguson: Jazz was the best of the bunch last week but had a mostly downer night. He was able to make a few grabs but had a drop and worst of all a fumble after making a nice first down catch. After last week, you would’ve thought Jazz had a decent chance at a roster spot, but this week certainly was a step back.

Tight Ends:

Seahawks tight ends were a nonfactor, but we did see Will Dissly get his first snap since a bad knee injury ended his rookie campaign. This group as a whole are solid blockers but not much to speak of in the passing game (yet).

Offensive Line:

Starters: Looked outstanding in pass protection and were also able to open up some holes for Carson. My one complaint were the two false start penalties that killed both drives; one on Justin Britt the other Germain Ifedi. This simply can’t happen and hopefully whatever was the issue gets fixed.

Backups: Terrible. Missed assignments, free rushers, penalties..  Both the pass and run blocking were way off. The Seahawks are short a couple of guys on the offensive line so its safe to assume this unit did not have a lot of time together in practice and it certainly showed on game day.

Defensive Line:

Jarran Reed: Reed is a monster and not having him the first six games of the season is going to be a killer. Reed looked quick and was especially effective on run stuffs.

Cassius Marsh: Marsh played his ass off in this game. He looked very fast off the edge and was able to get pressure several times on passing downs. Really nice to see him play well, the Seahawks are going to count on him this season to get to the passer.

Poona Ford: Poona might be one of the best stories in the NFL this year. Undrafted out of Texas last year and made an impact. In this game he went against first round center Garrett Bradbury and completely dominated him. Really tough to not get excited about this kid.

Rasheem Green: Last years 3rd round pick continues to be unimpressive. He made several big mistakes in this game especially in play action and run downs not sealing the edge or crashing down the line. Green just doesn’t seem to have gotten any better on paper, and should be having success against backup tackles, however he continues to be a nonfactor.


Cody Barton: I am very tuned in to a lot of analysis and coverage on this team. The only thing that everyone seems to be on board with Cody Barton being a future star on this team. I don’t get it. He received praise from several outlets yet his mistakes in this game were clear and very costly. Yes, he is very fast and super athletic, but he’s small and struggles to make secure tackles against even backup NFL running backs. He also is often caught flat footed, and it showed on this game when he was slow to react to the RB bouncing a run outside left and blowing right past him. Barton has potential sure, but he’s miles away from being ready.

Mychal Kendricks: Kendricks is a stud. Say what you will about the mistakes he has made but this guy can flat out ball. Kendricks is an outstand linebacker against both the run and in pass rush. Kendricks has his sentencing trial on September 26th stemming from an insider trading incident he had a few years back. He paid back all the money he made from the deal plus fines and so long as he is able to avoid prison time, this guy will be a key player on this defense.

Defensive Backs:

UGHHHH.. Everyone was bad, lets just get that out of the way. Everyone. Yes, Shead had a pick six on an overthrow where the receiver didn’t even know the ball was coming. Great play. Apart from that this group was by far the worst of any group the Seahawks had. They gave up several third down conversions, committed penalties, didn’t line up properly, missed assignments. This was a total nightmare performance and the biggest cause for concern for this team.

Shaq Griffin: Shaq was lined up one on one against one the NFL elites in Adam Thielen and was beat on a simple go route. Shaq was right on Thielen’s hip when he made the catch, but this is the difference between an average corner and Richard Sherman. NFL QB’s stopped trying that route on Richard simply because if they did, it was likely going back the other way. That isn’t the case with Shaq, and he needs to improve or this defense is in trouble.

Tre Flowers: I love Tre Flowers. But he showed his weakness in this game. He is far too grabby when he often does not need to be. Tre committed a 45-yard pass interference on a play where he was already in perfect position to break up the deep ball. He grabs Adam Thielen’s hand right before the ball arrives and the refs threw the flag. It was tacky, but that’s the NFL. Its there for Flowers, he simply just needs to learn that he doesn’t need to grab on to the WRs to make a good play. He was far more guilty on another play, grabbing a handful of jersey during a route, luckily it was missed and the pass went to another receiver downfield.

Tedric Thompson: No one seems to be challenging TT for his spot as FS but I am not sure why. TT never seems to be around the ball, which is different for a Seahawks FS as we’ve been spoiled by Earl Thomas the past 8 years. I honestly can’t give any insight on TT, he doesn’t do anything good enough or bad enough to stand out.

Marquise Blair: Marquise was unable to follow up on his monster first game as he went out in the 2nd quarter with back spasms. This was the first time this has happened to him since the opening of camp that I can recall and hopefully its nothing that flares up again.

Ugo Amadi: Amadi had the play of the game with a perfectly timed hit on a punt returner after a 53-yard boomer by punter Michael Dickson. Amadi is a head hunter and plays uber fast. Its up to the coaches to get this guy on the field to maximize his output.

Special Teams:

Jason Myers /Michael Dickson: Best combo in the NFL. The Seahawks officially have elite special teams because of these two. Enjoy it.

Next up: Saturday August 24th at Los Angeles Chargers.

Look for Russell and the first team offense to get a bit more run in this game before shutting it down prior to the preseason finale.

Go Hawks.

– @Reaves9