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Hefty Headlines Presents: The 2019 College Football Pre-Season Rankings

The 2019 college football season kicks off on Saturday with Miami vs Florida at 4pm.

Prior to the start of the year – we wanted to get our rankings out. We will also include our CFP, Heisman, and National Champion predictions.

Many contributors to Hefty Headlines were invited to participate in this inaugural pre-season poll. Of the ten people invited – five responded. Anyways, here is what we have:

1Clemson (5)0 – 0125
2Alabama0 – 0120
3Oklahoma0 – 0112
4Georgia0 – 0110
5Ohio State0 – 099
6Texas0 – 096
7LSU0 – 095
8Michigan0 – 090
9Notre Dame0 – 081
10Washington0 – 080
11Florida0 – 079
12Oregon0 – 071
13Texas A&M 0 – 065
14Penn State0 – 048
15Auburn0 – 043
16UCF0 – 041
17Utah0 – 036
18Iowa0 – 030
19Stanford0 – 022
20Michigan State0 – 021
21Wisconsin0 – 020
22Miami0 – 017
23Army0 – 015
24Boise State0 – 014
25Washington State0 – 012
  • Others receiving votes: Nebraska 11, BYU 10, TCU 9, Syracuse 8, USC 8, Missouri 7, Iowa State 7, Northwestern 6, Mississippi State 6, Virginia Tech 5, Utah State 3, Fresno State 1, UL-Lafayette 1, Oklahoma State 1.

Heisman Pick

Trevor Lawrence – QB – Clemson

The most common name chosen was that of Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence. Other names that were brought up were Wisconsin RB Johnathan Taylor, Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa, and Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts.

CFP Predictions

Clemson, Alabama, Texas, and ….Ohio State or Oklahoma.

Clemson and Alabama were unanimously selected to make it into the CFP. Texas was selected by the majority of our voters. Ohio State and Oklahoma were tied for the 4th spot. Washington, Michigan, and Notre Dame also received a vote.

National Champion


The Tigers are our pick to win the College Football Playoff – receiving most of the votes. Alabama and Texas were also selected as potential winners.

Wrap Up

We will keep this going throughout the season – hopefully. Some weeks we will have more voters – some weeks we will have less. The only thing that is for sure is none of us really know what we are talking about – just like everyone else.

– Buzz

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