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The Portland Metro Area Gets The Worst NFL Games: Week 1

Fox Early

The AM slate of Fox games is pretty gross. I probably have more interest in Atlanta @ Minnesota, so of course we get Los Angeles (Rams) @ Carolina. The Rams have a great offense and I am a big fan of Christian McCaffrey. However, after watching the newest season of All or Nothing on Amazon – I can’t hear about Cam Newton anymore.

CBS Late

This is a single game week for CBS. Most of the country is getting Tennessee @ Cleveland or Kansas City @ Jacksonville. Even though the Colts are now without Andrew Luck, there is an interesting game in the afternoon with Indianapolis @ Los Angeles (Chargers). But no – I do not get any of those games on TV. I get Cincinnati @ Seattle. This may be the grossest matchup of the weekend – especially from a uniform perspective.

Fox Late

Thankfully Fox saves my weekend with their afternoon game, New York (Giants) @ Dallas. The San Francisco @ Tampa Bay game is creeping up the map. I will freak out if I don’t get to watch the Cowboys on Sunday.

National Broadcasts

The national broadcasts this week are a bunch of don’t cares for me. I like the Bears – but I just do not care about Aaron Rodgers anymore. I am sure I will still watch though since it is the first game. The Steelers are probably the team I dislike the most – and I am simply Patriots-ed out at this point. Houston and New Orleans is actually an alright matchup – I am on board with this for Taysom Hill and Deshaun Watson, not Drew Brees. With the late Monday night football game of Denver visiting Oakland – I can’t get hyped for a Flacco vs Carr matchup.

– Buzz

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