The Portland Metro Area Gets The Worst NFL Games: Week 2

The TV maps have not been put out yet, so I am just going off of what will likely be on the local channels this weekend. At first glance this looks pretty decent for week two – I’ll go into depth as to why it is a pretty garbage week for us.

Thursday Night

Buccaneers @ Panthers

Cam Newton vs Jameis Winston in a battle of unlikeable quarterbacks. Will the laptop thief or the crab-leg thief come out on top? Luckily Christian McCaffrey will be on the field – but he is not enough to make me excited to watch this game.

Fox Early

Seahawks @ Steelers

I don’t think you could pay me to watch this game. The Steelers have one of hardest rosters to root for – thanks to Ben Roethlisberger. To top it off, they have an even worse fanbase. The Seahawks on the other hand – woof. Russell Wilson is good and all but this is a big “who cares?” matchup for me.

I would much rather be watching the Cowboys @ Redskins.

CBS Late

Chiefs @ Raiders

Finally! A decent game! We have a classic AFC West matchup between the Chiefs and Raiders. Two of the best uniforms in the game. Pat Mahomes has so many weapon to throw to, even with Tyreek Hill out. This will be fun to watch, especially with the teams playing on the infield dirt of the Oakland Coliseum.


Fox Late

Saints @ Rams

Another great game! Unfortunately it will be on at the same time as the Chiefs and Raiders. This game has two exciting offenses and a good backstory. The Saints will be out for blood after the botched pass interference call last year in the NFC championship game.

Monday Night

Browns @ Jets

I guess Mayfield vs Darnold is an alright QB matchup. Two young guns slinging it out. Hopefully the Browns show up – unlike last week against the Titans.


About half of the games we are getting this weekend are what I would deem as watch-able. There are some pretty gross games around the league. The only games that I feel like I am missing out this weekend are Dallas @ Washington and Arizona @ Baltimore (Murray vs Jackson).

– Buzz