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The Portland Metro Area Gets The Worst NFL Games: Week 4

Thursday Night

Eagles @ Packers

For the Thursday Night game this week we finally get the chance to see the Packers play football. Wait, let me check with the stat department…this is the third time we will get a Packers game in Portland – it is only the fourth week of the season.

CBS Early

Patriots @ Bills

This game actually worked out to be decent. Two undefeated teams. This is much better than the next game I am about to write about.

Fox Early

Seahawks @ Cardinals

CBS Late

Vikings @ Bears

What is the deal with only one game being on in the afternoon? This is an OK game to get on TV – but not something I am circling on my calendar.


Sunday Night

Cowboys @ Saints

Like my mom says, “about f****** time we get a g** d*** good football game to watch on Sunday night.” She doesn’t actually say that – but I am glad I get to watch a Cowboys game.

Monday Night

Bengals @ Steelers


Honestly, whoever is scheduling Monday Night Football this season needs to lose their job.

– Buzz

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