Hefty Headlines VS The AP: Who Has A Better Poll?

College Polling is a strange thing. Teams are ranked before the season even starts. These rankings are based on what teams did the season before, which players are returning, and who the hell knows what else?

Over the course of the season, there has been some movement in our rankings. However, for the most part, there is a core group of teams that we believe are consistent top ten squads – Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia, LSU and Notre Dame. They have remained in our top ten from the beginning – our preseason poll. Since then – Auburn, Penn State, Utah, Florida, and Wisconsin have all shown up in our polls. Some of those teams have bounced right out, while a couple have remained.

The Associated Press puts their polls together with the input of a bunch of old (probably) white guys (probably) around the country. I assume that this a cult of dudes that still write for newspapers – if those even exist.

Hefty Headlines puts their polls together with the input of about five white guys (not old) from Oregon, Texas and Louisiana. I cannot speak for the AP, but I can confirm that 100% of voters in the Hefty Headlines poll played collegiate sports, and between 60%-80% of the voters on a given week played college football.

Looking at the current polls – you essentially get the same ten teams. The order is not exact – but it is pretty close. So you may ask, should I trust the rankings of old white guys – or not old white guys?

I know who I would trust.

– Buzz