College Football Rankings And Picks: Week 5

We had another dud of a week in college football. The one bright spot…Clemson almost lost! That would have been awesome! Oh well.

Many contributors to Hefty Headlines were invited to participate in our Week 4 poll. Once again, we had five people respond…for the fifth week in a row:

Hefty Headlines Top 25 Poll : Week 4

The Clemson Tigers lost their place at the top of our polls. The Alabama Crimson Tide are our new #1 program – jumping Clemson and Georgia in the process. Ohio State made the jump into the top 5, and Penn State found themselves back in our top 10.

We had three teams drop out of the poll this week. Former #15 Cal, #20 Kansas state and #21 Texas A&M have all dropped out of the poll. #18 Wake Forest, #21 ASU, and #24 Baylor enter our poll this week.

Others receiving votes: Texas A&M 10, Memphis 10, Cal 7, Army 4, Michigan State 6, Minnesota 3, Appalachian State 2, BYU 1, Hawaii 1, Arizona 1.

Voting Trends

Week 5 Picks

If The CFP Happened Today…

  • The same 6 rotating teams every year is getting really boring…
  • Boringggggg. These teams are too good though.
  • Georgia and LSU have big wins over ranked team. Alabama and Ohio State look untouchable at this point.
  • If you do not win your conference, you do not deserve to be in.

Heisman Picks

  • Chase Young should be in the running, most disruptive & unstoppable player in CFB
  • Holding onto TUA. Alabama out for blood
  • Joe Burrow is the best pure passer of the group. It is hard to evaluate the other QBs until they play decent competition. I also like what Chuba Hubbard is doing at Oklahoma State.
  • Joe Burrow was still throwing touchdowns over the bye week.

Previous Weeks

  • Pre-Season: Trevor Lawrence – QB – Clemson
  • Week 1: Jalen Hurts – QB – Oklahoma
  • Week 2: Joe Burrow – QB – LSU
  • Week 3: Jalen Hurts – QB – Oklahoma AND Joe Burrow – QB – LSU
  • Week 4: Joe Burrow – QB – LSU

Final Week Three Thoughts

  • Buzz: Very disappointed that North Carolina could not pull off the upset. The ACC is a weak conference. The Pac-12 gets shit on, but I believe that they have a few teams that would come out of the ACC undefeated.
  • Tommy Nuggets: I wish Clemson played in a real conference…must be nice to only have 2 games a season: Playoff and National Championship
  • Klyde Frog: At least UCLA’s JJ Molson has a brewery in his family…

Wrap Up

This was a pretty meh week for college football. Hopefully we have some upsets next weekend.

– Buzz