The Portland Metro Area Gets Decent NFL Games: Week 5

Thursday Night

Rams @ Seahawks

As I have previously mentioned, many times before, I hate that we always have to watch the Seattle Seahawks on TV. If I wanted to watch a Seahawks game bad enough, I could drive up there. I don’t.

The beauty of the Seahawks playing on Thursday is that they do not eat up a time-slot on Sunday. I am hoping the Rams destroy the Seahawks.

CBS Early

Patriots @ Redskins

This is a gross game. At least there is another game on TV in the morning this Sunday.

Fox Early

Vikings @ Giants

Daniel Jones vs Kirk Cousins. I know that everyone had this circled on their calendar when the schedules came out.

Fox Late

Packers @ Cowboys

The Cowboys need to bounce back after a tough loss against the Saints. Hopefully they can shut down Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.


Sunday Night

Colts @ Chiefs

This game is alright. I love watching the Chiefs – and prefer to watch the Colts with Brissett as their QB.

Monday Night

Browns @ 49ers

This should be a fun Monday night game. Baker and the Browns against Jimmy G and the 49ers. This is the best Monday Night game of the year so far.


This is a pretty decent week of NFL action – things are looking up Portland!

– Buzz