College Football Rankings (Week 7) And Picks (Week 8)

Down goes Georgia! Wow! What a surprise that was. The South Carolina coaching staff did everything they could to gift that game back to the Georgia Bulldogs – somehow they still came away with the big upset.

Many contributors to Hefty Headlines were invited to participate in our Week 7 poll. For the first time ever, we had just four people participate:

Hefty Headlines Top 25 Poll: Week 7

We have a new #1 this week – the LSU Tigers. They jump four spots after defeating now #8 Florida. Our biggest drop went to #9 Georgia, who fell seven spots after their loss to unranked South Carolina. #5 Oklahoma also gained some ground after beating now #14 Texas.

Wake Forest, Memphis and Virginia are the three teams that dropped out of our top 25 – they were replaced by Minnesota, Appalachian State, Missouri and Tulane.

(We have 26 teams in our top 25 – Washington and Tulane are tied at #25)

Others receiving votes: Wake Forest 2, Cal 1, Temple 1, SDSU 1.

Voting Trends

Week 8 Picks

If The CFP Happened Today…

  • Would love to see Clemson play Ohio State or LSU or Alabama’s schedule. They would lose at least 2 games.
  • LSU has the most impressive resume – with wins over Texas and Florida. Ohio State looks unstoppable. Alabama is Alabama. Wisconsin is looking like a legit contender this year.
  • Not sure how LSU and Alabama works out but I’ll vote based on where they stand now. Oklahoma might squeak in.
  • I’d like to see a bigger playoff. All the conference winners should be invited.

Heisman Picks

  • Joe Burrow separated himself.
  • Joe Burrow has been consistent all year – he is leading a great LSU offense. 2,157 YDS, 25 TD, 3 INT. Jonathan Taylor has been elite from the backfield with 14 rushing TDs. Also, shout out to Israel Mukuamu for 3 INT in the big win over Georgia.
  • Tua for the win! Best team and best player. Although he did finally throw a pick.
  • Burrow is on my fantasy team so I’m not complaining.

Previous Weeks

  • Pre-Season: Trevor Lawrence – QB – Clemson
  • Week 1: Jalen Hurts – QB – Oklahoma
  • Week 2: Joe Burrow – QB – LSU
  • Week 3: Jalen Hurts – QB – Oklahoma AND Joe Burrow – QB – LSU
  • Week 4: Joe Burrow – QB – LSU
  • Week 5: Jalen Hurts – QB – Oklahoma
  • Week 6: Jalen Hurts – QB – Oklahoma

Final Week Seven Thoughts

  • Buzz: South Carolina gifted that game to Georgia and they still came out with the win. They should have punted instead of going for that 57 yard field goal. In the Wake Forest game – they came up with that onside kick towards the end of the game. Would have liked to have seen them with the ball and a chance to win.
  • Tommy Nuggets: Watch out Bama…LSU for real.
  • Klyde Frog:Even though they stink, UCLA played some good teams. Not like the SEC…

Wrap Up

Michigan @ Penn State has to be the game of the week for me. I am already looking ahead to next weekend – Wisconsin @ Ohio State, Auburn @ LSU, and Notre Dame @ Michigan.

– Buzz